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Rapid Google Rankings

Setting goals for SEO is never easy, but setting goals and then committing to hit them is a level of accountability that few SEO companies are prepared to offer.

After analysing your website and your competition during our initial free SEO audit, we then commit to ranking specific keywords (search terms) on page 1 of Google within a set time frame.

In addition to Google ranking positions, we also set goals relating to lower down your sales funnel – both increased traffic to your website, and then improved sales figures to give you a return for your SEO investment.

We believe that this results-focus is what sets us apart from other SEO companies in Chesterfield.

Like every other SEO company in Chesterfield, we never 100% know at the beginning quite how much work is going to be needed to get your search keywords right up to the top of page 1 on Google, but we commit to achieving this anyway, and then if progress is slower than expected, we just put in extra time and effort until we get there.

No Contract SEO

We retain customers with a combination of results, good communication, and good service, not by making them sign a contract.

This helps to keep us focussed on results, because without the results, we can’t expect to retain you as an SEO client.

We simply invoice monthly in advance, then work hard to deliver the rankings, traffic, enquiries, and sales that you need, and you can keep going with our SEO services for as long or as short as you wish.

Efficient PPC Campaigns

On average, when we take over the management of a Google Ads or PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign for a new client, we find that over 50% of their spend with Google was being wasted on ad clicks that would never convert.

And with many companies spending over £1000/month with Google, this wasted spend is quite eye-watering.

Typically we can save you much more money than the amount of our monthly management fees for PPC in Chesterfield.

Add to this the extra revenue we bring you by identifying missed opportunities that can bring you extra business at a lower cost per click than the current campaign.

PPC Agency Chesterfield UK

If you give us view-only access to your existing PPC campaign one of our Chesterfield PPC experts will analyse your campaigns and let you know the kind of savings we could achieve.

Our PPC agency is familiar with best practices relating to Display Ads, Video Ads, Search Ads, Google Shopping, Re-Marketing (aka Re-Targeting), and more, and can also set it up to integrate with Facebook remarketing, Google Analytics, and most CRM systems.

Perhaps more importantly, as an SEO and PPC agency in Chesterfield we can provide you with a joined-up approach for both, and will use SEO wherever possible to get you free click traffic to your website, and then use PPC for the rest.

We can also use the learnings from your PPC campaign to improve your SEO campaign, and vice-versa.

SEO Friendly Websites Design in Chesterfield

Our website team not only create smart, responsive, fast-loading, and modern websites, they also build Search Engine Optimisation into every website.

So if you’re looking to get a new website designed, and want it to be SEO-friendly from the start (to avoid costly modifications later), then using UClimb for both your website design and your SEO makes good sense.

And we can think through your whole online marketing strategy for you, and create landing pages optimised for PPC and SEO, set up advance analytics such as heatmap mouse tracking, and more.

Using a separate web-designer that doesn’t have a comprehensive knowledge of SEO can be inefficent, they’re likely to ‘break’ the hard work of your SEO company by making changes focused on the visual experience, without taking into account aspects the impacts these changes will have on the search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

Having said that, at UClimb in Chesterfield we are happy to collaborate openly with your in-house marketing team or external website developer, and can act as an external SEO and PPC advisor or agent where required.

Local SEO packages for Chesterfield

Do you sell your products and services mainly in the Chesterfield area?  If so, a local SEO package will ensure you rank at the very top for any Chesterfield searches containing ‘[your service] near me’ or ‘[your service] Chesterfield’, etc.  Local SEO is a special artform in itself, but the good news is that we can usually obtain rapid top-ranking results for a low monthly cost with local search terms, due to less competition (compared to national or global search terms).

SEO, Google Analytics, and CRO

A good modern SEO company will do far more than just SEO.

If you can find an agency that also offer CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation), alongside SEO services, then your results could be many times higher.

Some of the many complementary marketing strategies we offer to marketing agencies are:

  • Setup of Google Analytics to assess the behaviour of website visitors, with separate views for organic search traffic, PPC/Adwords traffic, and direct traffic.  By assessing the bounce rates, page views, time on site, etc for each type of website visitor, you get a true picture of what is working and what needs further work
  • Heatmap analysis – this is special software to track the activities of website visitors, e.g. where their mouse moves, where they click, how far down the page the scroll etc.  Over time, this builds up a very clear picture of where the weak and strong points are on your website, and we can then make small changes to fix these and then re-monitor and check visitor retention is improving.
  • User Experience (UX) – Using the data from Google Analytics and Heat Maps (along with an understanding of what makes good and bad user experience), we can reduce friction points that cause website visitors to leave.  Google will notice the reduced ‘bounce rate’, increased time on the website, and the increased number of pages visited, and boost your site higher up the rankings.  Plus you’ll get more enquiries which is the whole purpose of SEO.

Achieve The Results You Really Want

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Request a SEO or Website Consultation

If you’d like to explore what benefits SEO or an improved website could bring to your business, and get a tailored proposal outlining what results we can bring you in return for various levels of monthly spend or a one-off investment, please get in touch.

With our focus on rapid results, we will be carefully analysing to what extent we can help you, and won’t try to sell you anything that’s not going to work for you. SEO and digital marketing are more effective in some industries than others, so we will give you an honest appraisal of the expected results, along with our initial quotation.

Likewise, should you have a Google Ads PPC campaign that you want checking out, or need help setting up a PPC campaign for the first time, please get in touch and we’ll gladly provide free advice along with a tailored quotation for ongoing PPC Management in Chesterfield.