Global SEO Marketing Agency – Areas We Cover

Global SEO Marketing Agency – Areas We Cover

Our 1st client in 2019 was in London, UK.

Our 2nd client was in London too – actually in the same office block – a referral client, as you might have guessed.

Our 3rd client SEO was a little closer home, a marketing agency in Sheffield. The project this time was to be some white label SEO for this marketing agency that had some connections with our original London client.

Since then, our reputation for fast and guaranteed SEO results, and powerful, sales-driving websites has spread far and wide. Whilst most of our clients are still based here in the UK, we now have 1 client in Boston, USA, and another on the Caribbean island of Trinidad. A Global marketing agency in the making?

So far, all of our clients have been English speaking, and with websites written in English too (although our USA client requires us to use American English spellings, e.g. Color not Colour, Catalog not Catalogue, and Realize not Realise).

We have connections however with a top-class translation company based in France, who’s team offer native tongue translations into German, French, and Italian, as well as other other companies, so we’re looking forward taking on board our first European marketing agency client.

We have a Scottish SEO and web design client based Aberdeen, and clients from most corners of the UK.

It is only in recent months that we have actually done web development work and SEO for 2 clients in our home town of Chesterfield, Derbyshire!

So… wherever you’re based in the world, please let us know your requirements.

We love variety and enjoy getting to know different cultures and industries around the world so that we can create successful websites and SEO campaigns, 100% in tune with the requirements of customers in our client’s own native territory.

Covid-19 seems to have taken away any last remaining remnants of reluctance to meet up via video conference platforms like zoom to discuss new SEO projects, making physical distances pretty much irrelevant.

Covid-19 has also brought to the fore our skills for rapid SEO rankings – one UK SEO client, in particular, saw a competitive 1000/month UK searches keyword (Sneeze Guards) jump to 1st position on Google within 2 days of giving us the go-ahead to do some Search Optimisation for it, and then the following month had online sales on some days in excess of their usual turnover for a whole month! This allowed them to invest in new machinery to keep up with demand, and a 50% reduction in sales of their old core product range was totally dwarfed by the incoming flood of orders for Sneeze Guard Screens. A classic demonstration of the power of SEO, website marketing, and online shopping – which has been especially noticeable during the lockdown period.

Global SEO and Freelance SEO Copywriters Network

In our quest for local insights, and the best global SEO talent, we have not been shy to hire SEO freelancers from around the world, including New Zealand, Argentina, Ireland UK, and the USA.

If you believe you have some talent to offer our team, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you, and may be able to match you up with an SEO client in your own country, wherever that may be.

In particular, SEO copywriters from the same country as our clients are particularly valuable, and the best SEO copywriters are a rare breed, so please do let us know if you have a flair for writing content that ranks.