Guaranteed SEO UK – Prices and How it Works

The cost of SEO packages guaranteed to rank you at the top of Google search

Guaranteed SEO Packages and Prices

You will be pleased to know that our SEO packages are totally different to the packages that most SEO agencies offer.

Instead of pricing for a set level of activities, our SEO plans are for guaranteed SEO results.

This gives you 100% accountability from your SEO Agency: we promise right from the start to rank a set quantity of keywords on page one of Google within an agreed timescale, for a guaranteed SEO service.

Our Most Popular Monthly SEO Plans:

  • Single Focus SEO Campaign with Low Competition: £450.00 per month
  • SEO Campaign Promoting 2 or 3 Different Products or Services, and Medium Competition: £950.00 per month
  • SEO Campaign in High Competition Industry: £1800 per month
  • SEO Blitz for First Page Google Rankings Within Just One Month: Price on Application
  • SEO in London is typically a little more expensive than elsewhere in the UK, due to higher competition here.

UK’s Guaranteed SEO Agency

To get to the #1 position on Google you need the very best SEO agency.

This is why we never outsource our SEO activities – otherwise, we’d be the same as many other agencies in the UK and couldn’t guarantee good results, our results would depend on the expertise of whoever we outsourced to.

Because we have 100% control over what we do, thanks to having our own highly trained UK SEO experts, this makes us confident enough to guarantee 1st-page rankings.

How can an SEO agency guarantee Google first page organic ranking position?

You can never 100% guarantee a fixed organic search engine ranking position at number 1 on Google’s first page.

However, only 1 website page can rank in this position, and with enough effort and focus on SEO, that can be you.

There is a formula that Google uses to calculate which website should be at the number 1 position on Google.

A good SEO company knows about most of the ranking factors that make up Google’s formula (algorithm) and knows the relative priority of each – and the caveats of each factor too.

And so with enough time and focus, the SEO marketing agency can elevate your website to this prized position.

This may include some quite drastic changes to your website and your website’s content; there are no magic black hat techniques that can promote a low-quality content or poorly built websites to the first page of Google for a competitive search keyword.

Guaranteed SEO – How Does It Work?

First we do a lot of research:

  1. We find out which search keywords fit into the intersection between what you specialise in and the words your target customers are using when they search.
  2. We do competitor research and analyse your existing website and its SEO potential, to work out how easy or difficult it’s going to be to get you onto the first page of Google.
  3. We then put down a set of commitments on our proposal, e.g. 10 additional keywords onto page 1 of Google within 3 months, and get to work.
  4. You get access to an online dashboard from day one where you can watch ranking progress along with other indicators of success like traffic to your website and quantities of enquiries or orders.
  5. If we appear to be falling short of our commitments part way through the agreed 1 or 3 or 6 month period, we simply put in extra effort to make sure we get there for the price agreed and ahead of the deadline.
  6. No matter how much research we do in advance, sometimes it proves harder than first anticipated, and even with extra hours put in, we don’t quite hit all the goals before the initial target date set. In this instance, we keep working hard free of charge, and get there as soon as we can, knowing that we can’t charge you anything more for SEO until the original goals have been met.
  7. So in summary, if you go with one of our SEO packages, you will get the rankings you desire, for the keywords we agree are going to deliver the most results for you, for an agreed price.

No Contract SEO

We have never tied our clients into lengthy SEO contracts, and never intend to.

Instead we simply charge you monthly in advance, and then delight with a combination of rapid results, clear communication, and customer service excellence, and keep you on board that way, rather than tying you into anything with a contract.

So if you want to go with one of our SEO packages, rest assured, there is nothing to sign.

You will simply get a clear road map of what we plan to do and by when, you pay the first monthly invoice, we make a start, and you watch the results on your online dashboard, supplemented by regular updates and reports at least once a month.

Get a Quote for Guaranteed SEO

Find out, with a free no-obligation consultation:

The keywords you should be ranking for, the cost of us getting these onto page 1 of Google (guaranteed), how fast we think we can to rank your website on page 1 of Google, and last but not least, the results that this is likely to bring your business.