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You may have heard nervous chatter and a background hum from SEO agencies this year about the Core Web Vitals update to Google’s algorithm to be rolled out in mid-June. While this chatter might have been warranted, Google had a further surprise up their sleeve! They have released a major core update on June 3rd, but this is not all! They also stated that they were not able to get everything they wanted ready in time for that launch so that they are releasing a further core update in July 2021. These updates are in addition to the CWV Update. Usually, Google rolls out between 2 and 4 major updates a year (no warning is usually given, nor many if any details on what has changed), so this is an unprecedented event leaving a lot of uncertainty in the SEO industry.

Ok, So What Does This All Mean?

Generally, this will mean that there will be some instability in the rankings over the next couple of months. Some clients will see increases; some will see drops. During the days and weeks following a Google core update, it is not unknown for top-ranking pages to temporarily disappear from the rankings, and poorly-optimised competitor pages rise to page 1 of Google, although usually blips like this only last a few days. However, what we have learned time and time again, is that panicking and reacting to ranking volatility in the face of an algorithm update does not help but can rather hinder in the long run. Patience is needed and trust in the basic principles of optimisation and to trust, as much as possible, that Google wants to serve relevant and high-quality content to searchers.

How Do We, As An Agency, Approach Google Core Updates?

We approach them cautiously and patiently. We do not panic. Some SEO companies will weep and mourn updates as Google conspiring against hardworking SEO operatives to ruin their lives and livelihoods! However, we see them as opportunities.

First, we continue with our timeless optimisations that align with Google’s core objective of providing the best experience when searching, knowing that when things settle down, our client’s websites are likely to rank higher because we’re working with Google, not against them. Google tend to look mainly at 3 things – relevance (so we align websites with popular search terms), popularity (e.g. does the website have great links from the right sources, and are people searching for the brand names on this website), and quality (is the content well-written, concise yet comprehensive, are there videos, images, calculators, and other rich content).

Next, as the dust settles, we examine the data and see what trends we can determine. Are eCommerce websites or websites on certain types of platforms ranking better now for various types of searches? If so, why might that be? Are blogs ranking better for other searches? Are fast-loading websites faring noticeably better now compared with slower websites? Are websites with a lot of backlinks faring better or worse now? Etc. Data needs examining with care, but normally we can start to pick out a few clear signals within a few weeks that tell us how Google’s ranking algorithm may have changed.

This begs the question: “Does UClimb believe that Google gets it right every time?” The short answer is: “No”. Google does not get it right every time. But invariably, they have proved that they will try to fix their less than successful ventures in a short space of time. This leads to the ‘aftershock’ effect, where Google starts to partially reverse changes within days or weeks of the initial big update, only to bring them back in a modified form a few days later.

We believe that if we continue to optimise upon core principles that do not change and also change what needs to be changed from a user experience and site speed perspective, that we will be rewarded in the long run by Google as the sites we optimise won’t be reacting to algorithm changes, but rather, because core principles have been followed, the algorithm changes will favour our pages as stable and high-quality content.

How Can UClimb Help You Navigate This Latest Ranking Turbulence?

Are you wondering how to navigate the increasingly complex and rapidly changing Google ranking landscape? Do you need a reliable SEO consultant or SEO agency to give you advice as a coach in your corner?

We can help! With a team of experienced SEO operatives and consultants, we can formulate a game plan to give you the best odds to win the ranking race against competitors.

Our List of Services Includes:

  • SEO Site Audits – We will go over your site from technical, user experience, conversion rate optimisation and search engine optimisation points of view and give you a report with recommended action.
  • SEO Consultancy – If you wish to have your teamwork on the site in house, we can be your trusted on-team consultants to guide the direction and also optimise content and hold discussions to maximise your teams’ efforts.
  • Complete SEO Package – We will take time to understand your business, your industry, and research keywords that are important. We will also carry out an audit of your site and then work through the recommended actions once approved by your team.
  • Website Builds or Re-Builds – With our team of developers, we can either further develop your existing site, or in the event of an obsolete platform or site that is riddled with issues, we can re-build your website from scratch. Websites that we can build include non-eCommerce catalogue or service sites, E-Commerce sites (our preferred platform is WooCommerce on the WordPress CMS), Blog sites and any other site that your imagination can conjure!
  • Content Creation and Blog Writing – If you are struggling to create content due to in house time restrictions why not let our team of content writers handle it for you? We can write blogs, product descriptions, category descriptions, pages and ads.
  • Ultra-Fast Web Hosting Packages – Our next-generation cloud hosting packages have CDN’s in every corner of the globe ensuring that your site is accessible globally at top speed!
  • Set-Up, Manage and/or Optimise Google Ads PPC Campaigns – We have excellent success in managing GoogleAds PPC Campaigns to reduce spend, increase your quality scores and get you more clicks for less!

Do you think you could benefit from one or more of the above services? Give us a call on 443335675300 or email or fill out the form below, and we will be in touch to learn more about your needs!

Our Reviews

Rob Smith
Rob Smith
Daniel and his team at UClimb are knowledgeable and great at what they do, as well as having the ability to convert the world of techie digital stuff into layman's terms. They've been a great partner to work with and we look forward to collaborating further with them.
Paul Fellows
Paul Fellows
We have had a great experience with UClimb compared to a number of bad experiences with other companies. UClimb produce RESULTS!!! We are in the process of creating a corporate website and Daniel and his team are doing an amazing job of it. Communication is one of the most important things in a project like this and we are very happy with the regular meetings and updates. UClimb can be TRUSTED!!!
Rick Davies
Rick Davies
Daniel at One SEO (now UClimb) has a very good grasp of SEO and Website Optimisation. He keeps up to date and is knowledgeable on the latest Google changes and algorithms and tracks the results closely to respond quickly to any changes. He also uses a clear reporting system / live dashboard so results are visible and can be proved. Would recommend.
Daniel has been working with Envoprint for a while now, helping to significantly increase our Google rankings to ensure a high flow of enquiries though our website. He has worked closely with staff to ensure that our needs are covered, and we would all very much recommend him for your SEO and CRO requirements!
Paul Conway
Paul Conway
Great to work with, explains what and why he is doing certain things, has been happy to accommodate ongoing changes and directions and has provided solutions within budget. Currently working with One SEO for both SEO and PPC campaigns, have already referred on to friends and would strongly recommend to other start-ups and SMEs.
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith
For SEO and CRO solutions I recommend Daniel of One SEO 100% - I've been working with Daniel for a few weeks, we discussed a sensible package with a balanced level of spend and already I am getting enquiries though the website. Thanks Daniel.
Isobelle Cocker
Isobelle Cocker
Daniel at One SEO is extremely knowledgable about all things SEO and online marketing. Daniel has worked closely with our team to ensure he understands the business in order to provide the best results. He has not only worked to increase our company's online rankings but also worked collaboratively alongside our marketing team, outlining each stage of the process. Daniel is extremely details orientated and will not leave any stoned unturned to ensure that he delivers a comprehensive service to his clients. I would highly recommend One SEO to anyone looking for SEO support.

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